Sunday, 5 October 2008

Pettigrain & Tescos

Today I took delivery of some pettigrain (been waiting a little longer than I would have hoped in getting here but YAY, its here!!!). Anyway, it was one of those multi-tasking/multi-hat wearing sorts of days (mum, therapist and order-pickerer / packagerer / preparerer). So, in between client appointments, I decided to decant the pettigrain for customers who had ordered it. As I removed the drum stopper, it made a loud pop which made me kind of jump thus knocking the drum as spilled around 5-10ml all down the front of my uniform.

Now pettigrain is one of my most favourite EO's (reminds me of eu de cologne, Mmmmm.... ) so not really a problem and my uniform is chocolate brown so you couldn't tell. Anyway, after doing the bottle filling, I had about an hour before the next client was due so thought I'd be mum and do a trolly dash around Tescos. Now despite having very little time to wizz round the shop (my local Tescos is HUGE) and the fact it was really busy all I could smell was this pettigrain and I was soooooo relaxed. Did my entrire weeks shop and got back really quick and yet, I was really calm.

It is funny, when I got to the school to pick up the kiddiwinks, I was standing next to a old colleague of mine (from when I worked at the college) and she said 'have you been working with pettigrain?', even she could smell it, lol. Anyway, the moral of the story is, if you want to keep your calm while under pressure, dowse yourself in pettigrain. Works a bloomin' treat.

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