Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Inspired by Colour

Every consumer likes a novel idea, a novel product. Whether you are making soaps, creams, lotions & potions, we are ever searching for inspiration that transforms a basic formula into something new, different, novel. Something that will switch the consumer on or something to get those creative juices flowing and enthuse us to, well… create.

We can draw inspiration from almost anything that’s going on around us, sights, sounds, colours, tastes, pictures, aromas, social experiences, latest trends, latest news, the list is endless. But, for this article, I would like to come back to colour. I think colour could be a most interesting source of inspiration.

We all have our favourites and nobody can argue that colour definitely influences an individual’s attraction to certain things, whether it be a wallpaper, a flower, a car, a soap. Colour does indeed play a key role in the initial attraction. But, and this is why I find colour so interesting, colours are also said to harness enormous power over how we think, feel and is even thought by some to play a hand at improving our health and well being. Colour is also said to have meaning.

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