Friday, 27 August 2010

Pure & Balmy Product Review

The Pure & Balmy range of products have most exquisite texture. The range includes a selection of rich body butters (including a lovely whipped shea) and gorgeous lip balms fragranced with natural essential oils.

I tried the Decadent Ylang Ylang & Rosewood Butter Balm in a no-mess, really handy twist up tube. It is really easy to apply as it just glides on like silk. The smooth texture feels incredibly luxurious and the aroma is exotic and heady – wonderful for winding down in the evening.

I was also lucky enough to try the Geranium & Vetivert Moisturising Balm. What a perfect balance of rosy geranium that is underpinned by just the smoky richness of vetivert. The moisturizing balms are so cute! Three heart-shaped mini massage bars presented in an pretty organza pouch. These would make an absolutely lovely gift for someone special.

Both balms are enriched with pure shea butter, which sinks into the skin – no mess, no grease – just a lovely, silky after feel and a slight sheen that gives the skin a nice healthy glow.

The cocoa butter rich lip balms are superb. I tried the Delicous Honey, Vanilla & Coffee Balm, in a twist up, oval tube. The shape allows for a lovely smooth application. I loved using this during the day to keep my lips soft and intensely moisturised. This will be an excellent balm for cold winter days. Really protective.

The other balm I was lucky enough to try was the Lavender Lip Balm, in a cute and handy slip tin. This is an absolute must for the evenings, with its calming and soothing aroma (was nice to use on the temples too).

The Pure & Balmy product range is, without a doubt, a carefully developed collection of handmade products of outstanding quality.

Pure & Balmy as well as other products, including a range of natural equine care products and other gifts, can be purchased from

Friday, 13 August 2010

Wax On, Wax Off - & Aftercare?

The following article I wrote a couple of years ago but since it is appropriate to a discussion we have been having on The Melting Pot forum, I thought it might be good to post...

Now I am not saying that all therapists are missing that all-important element of providing adequate aftercare advice to their clients following a wax treatment. Indeed most responsible therapists do. However, it does amaze me sometimes when I have new but supposedly ‘wax-savvy’ client book in with me and they look at me blankly when I ask if they, for example, exfoliate between treatments (is this not important in the prevention of ingrown hairs?).

I remember one (new) client saying to me (as I was doing a final check for any residual wax following a half leg & bikini) “oh don’t worry about that, a nice hot bath later does the trick!” It turns out that this was part of the aftercare that she had been previously given. Wax treatments + Hot baths or any other heat treatment = Ouch! Trying to remain professional (and not scream of the wrongness of such advice), I diplomatically explained more appropriate methods of removing wax residue (namely afterwax lotion).

Adequate aftercare advice is crucial, particularly in the first 24-48 hours but equally important is a brief explanation of the hair growth cycle and general structure of the skin. Why? Well, if a client is more informed about what is happening to their skin and hair between treatments they will more encouraged to apply the appropriate homecare to prevent ingrown hairs & better prepare the area for their next wax (and it will also help to explain why a few hairs seem to start growing back shortly after treatment).

Aftercare is essential and (most) insurance companies will insist that the client signs their record card to confirm they have received & understood the (written) advice given on every visit. Advice should include…

  • Keep area clean and avoid touching the area (increased risk of infection)
  • No hot baths, showers or heat treatments (such as sauna or steam) for 24 hours (min)
  • Do not expose area to chlorinated water (no swimming) for 24 hours (min)
  • Do not use perfumes, lotions, sprays, talc, self-tan lotion etc…except those recommended by the therapist 24 hours (min)
  • Wear loose clothing (avoid tights, leggings & other tight-fitting clothes)
  • Treat area sensitively avoiding heat and friction
  • Do not massage area for 24 hours (min)
  • Avoid exercise (such as aerobics)
  • Avoid make-up for 24 hours (min)
  • Avoid sunlight & do not use a sun bed for 48 hours (min) – use a sun block regularly
  • Apply antiseptic lotion 3 times in the first 24 hours
  • If red & irritated, bathe area with a salt-water solution frequently using cool boiled water (1 cup) + salt (1/2 teaspoon)

48 hours after treatment, commence homecare…

Exfoliate 2 times a week and it is advisable to exfoliate the day before next wax treatment
Keep area well moisturised

So conclude, adequate advice is of the utmost importance for both the client & the treating therapist. It helps equip clients with the knowledge and understanding to ensure satisfaction, confidence in their therapist’s professionalism and optimises the success of future treatment. But ultimately, correct & appropriate advice ensures the client’s welfare & safety.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Recipes / Tutorial

How are you all? I hope you are enjoying your summertime and getting lots of time in the fresh air. I just thought I would update the blog to give mention to a couple of new recipes and a tutorial that have been very kindly written and submitted to the main Fresholi site (in Community) by members of the Melting Pot Forum.

Gwen has taken the time to kindly write & share a very clear tutorial for creating cigar bands in photoshop. It has been incredibly useful to a number of people, so a huge thank you to Gwen.

Lissi, from Jenny Ellen kindly submitted a Basic Saddle Soap recipe, which she developed through lots of research into the needs of leathers etc... it has raised a lot interest. Thanks Lissi.

Finally, Suzanne from Scent Trail has been kind enough to share her recipe for a lush Foot Balm, that she was initially developing for something else but found it did wonders for dry feet. Thank you ever so for sharing that Suzanne :o)

You'll need to log in to the site to view the recipes but I am sure there will be some you will make really good use of them.

Wishing everyone a happy August!!