Friday, 6 November 2009

Back To Normal!!

Oh thank goodness!! It seems that some of the issues have been resolved at Royal Mail and the strikes that were planned in the run up to Christmas have now been called off (until the new year at least). This is such good news, especially for those in Europe, who wish to make small orders.

I rather missed my little chats with the counter staff and have certainly missed my regular bike rides to and from the post office (although I'm not sure how keen I am going to be to use my bike when the weather turns really wintery, brrr.....).

Anyway, the Royal Mail shipping prices have now been put back in place on the site so will be calculated automatically (up to 1.8kg for European parcels and 800g for UK parcels).

My thanks to all those who have showed tolerance and understanding during this awkward period.

Yay! We are back to normal!!!!!