Friday, 4 November 2011

A Call Out & I Need You Help

I will soon be launching an article promoting the lovliness of handcraft soap that will go live at Maboho. I don't know how many will want their soapies featured in the article but I will initiate the call out to followers of @Myboho on twitter and will be available to followers of the

But I do need your help in boosting the Maboho blog, site and Myboho twitter followers. The bigger the following, the wider the audience I can reach to promote your products and businesses. Although is becoming rather popular and getting more and more new visitors every day.

I am looking to create pictoral links to really beautiful, handmade soaps. If you have a pride and joy you would like to feature and would like a chance to be included in the article, follow @Myboho on twitter and follow the

When the call out appears at @Myboho, there will be a few hours to submit:

1 x Picture of your bestest soapie

I will need:

-company name
-name of soap
-link to where it can be purchased online
-1 really short product description (I may not be able to include the caption if it is too long - sorry)
-If you are willing to offer an exlusive discount/special offer for Maboho visitors, that would be great and may help drive traffic to your sites. I may need you to give me a code so that you will recognise where the traffic is coming from.

To be sent to and the subject line 'SOAP NOV'

It will be a first come, first serve and I will try to fit in as many as I can without overloading the article with pictures and preference will be given to any exclusive offers to Maboho visitors.

I don't plan to launch the call out until @Myboho twitter followers has exceeded 60 (at least) and will be available to followers. So please go and follow on twitter and the blogspot. This helps to boost Maboho/Myboho followers and the more that follow, the bigger the audience there is to promote your products. If you can also raise awareness of Maboho (site, blog and Myboho twitter) to really boost up those followers, it would it help me to help you, if you see what I mean :o)