Monday, 20 April 2009

New From Shea Bliss + How to claim your discount!

There’s a spring in the step at Shea Bliss, as they unveil a host of new products including, for the first time, a Face Care range. Existing product lines have been strengthened with new Mother & Baby offerings and a range of creams and balms for dry skin conditions. A new light body cream and a long awaited Hand Cream are also now available.

Barbara from Shea Bliss comments, “Our Face Care range evolved from both customer demand and a desire to branch out from the intense therapy focus of most of our products. We study long and hard, using a wide range of oils and butters, to ensure that each product contains the right ingredients for the correct skin type. We’re very excited about our Face Care range, as well as the additions to our Body Care and Baby Care ranges”.

Based in Surrey, Shea Bliss products can be ordered online at The company evolved as Barbara (proprietor) and her son suffer from dry skin and eczema, and were concerned about the amount of chemicals that they were putting on their skin.

The Shea Bliss product ranges include:

· Body Care - Creams, Lotions and Exfoliators
· Face Care – Creams for Normal/Combination, Dry/Mature and Oily/Teenage skin, a universal cleanser, and Exfoliators for All Skin Types and for Dry/Sensitive skin – all using natural oils and botanical fusions to create a range that is as natural as possible.
· Hair Care – Shampoo, Conditioner and Intense Conditioner all free from SLS and Parabens.
· Eczema and Dry Skin Conditions – Creams, Balms and Oils, completely free of chemicals, harnessing the healing properties of natural butters, oils and botanical fusions.
· Mother and Baby – From a Belly Butter for pregnancy (using Virgin Cocoa Butter!), through to Botty Balm, Infant Snuffle Balsam, Oils and Lotions.
· Shea Butter Soaps
· Gift Baskets for any occasion

All products are cosmetically safety tested, and are handmade to their own unique formulations – pampering at affordable prices.

The Shea Bliss Philosophy - being kind to your skin means:

· No products are tested on animals
· All are free from Parabens
· No Mineral Oils or Petrochemicals
· No SLS detergents

Visit Shea Bliss at and quote FRESHOLITE during checkout, and you’ll get a 10% discount.

Wholesale enquiries welcome.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New! Natural Fragrances

I am very pleased to offer a premium range of natural aromatic fragrances, which contain absolutely no synthetic ingredients.

Fresh Aromatic Naturals from Fresholi are complex fragrance compounds that have been creatively formulated from essential oils, oleoresins, distillates, fractions, concretes, absolutes etc... from a variety of plants.

Fresh Aromatic Naturals Offer:

- Greater flexibility to the natural formulator
- Broader fragrancing options than what essentials oils and essential oil blends alone can offer
- Long-Lasting skin fragrancing (particularly when compared to essential oils alone)

Fresh Aromatic Natural fragrances are very concentrated. It is remarkable how little is needed, especially in cold products such as creams or body oils (where only a few drops to 100ml may be required).

Fragrances Available:

Natural Citrus
- Lemony and lively, this citrus fragrance has top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lemon. The middle emerges as a lemon verbena and bergamot blend and the finish is a soft vanilla.

Natural Coconut-Lime
- Soft and tropical, this coconut lime fragrance has top notes of lemon zest, lime peel and pineapple. The middle is a blend of coconut milk and raspberry and the finish is a soft, dry down of Tahitian vanilla and tonka bean.

Natural Lemon-Cucumber - Fruity and uplifting, this lemon cucumber fragrance has top notes of citrus, Italian lemon peel and lime zest. This middle is a fresh, green cucumber and the dry down is a soft, sweet vanilla.

Natural Passionfruit - This sweet and lively passionfruit frangrance has top notes of grapfruit zest, pineapple and lemon, the middle emerges as a fruity melon, wildberry, pear and mango fusion and it finishes as a soft vanilla cream

Natural Pomegranate - Fruity and exotic, this pomegranate fragrance has top notes of clementine, grapefruit, tangerine and lemon, it merges into a floral marigold.

Natural Wild Berry
- This characteristic wild berry fragrance has top notes of bergamon, rosewood and banana, the middle emerges as a fruity fusion of red raspberry, blueberry and apple pear and it dries down to a soft vanilla base.

Usage Guidelines: 0.2-3% (generally 1-3% in soap formulations)

Fresh Aromatic Naturals In Cold Process Soap

So far, trials have been done with the Pomegranate, Wild Berry and Passionfruit fragrances in CP soap at 2%. Over the past nine months, the soaps have been watched closely for any changes.

From this, the following has been established:

- No acceleration
- No discolouration (although the Passionfruit initially turned bright yellow but this returned to a normal and expected colour within a few hours. No further changes thereafter)
- After nine months, a good fragrance is still present

While these trials are by no means conclusive and offer no guarantee but it does help provide a guide (but I do advise you carry out your own trials)

Tip! Smelling straight from the bottle gives very little indication of the true aromatic qualities of the natural fragrances. Before using them, I recommend you put a drop on a scent strip or absorbant paper and keep having a little sniff over several hours to really appreciate the nuances. This way, you will better understand the frangrance and its characteristics before adding to your products.