Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Your Bestest Soap Featured - Reminder!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying a lovely Christmas break. Hopefully you recall a blog post I made in November about having your soap featured at Maboho. I have the article ready to go and all it needs now is some lovely soapies. In case you missed it, here's the post:

So, followers of the Maboho Blog and the twitter account @Myboho will have a good chance of having your best soap included in the article. I will give the nod on twitter in the next 24 hours and remember, the details need to be sent to and the subject line 'SOAP NOV'

Wishing everyone a lovely evening!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Buy Small, Get Big!

Maboho is on a mission!! In these harsh economic times, we are all feeling the pinch – some more than others. I passionately want small, independent businesses, to do well – No! I want them to prosper.

I think, and I doubt I am alone in my in this, small businesses really care and genuinely value their customers।They have the advantage of being able to see things through different eyes than their more mainstream counterparts. For customers who buy from a small business means they gets big value, big service and big product, which helps support that small business grow and become bigger.

Buy Small, Get Big!

So if you are a small/independent business/retailer, specialising in beauty products/cosmetics/fashion/accessories, get involved and help build promote the benefits of buying small and getting big।

  • Use Maboho as a platform for new product launches/press releases/special customer incentives/articles of interest (send these to
  • Beauty & style bloggers are your friends and if you have had a great review, this can be added too (with their permission of course).
  • Let your customers क्नोव when you have been featured at Maboho.
  • Join the new forum and encourage your customers to do so – there’s nothing better than interaction within a friendly community to strengthen a bond.
Get on board! Help spread the word that to buy small is get big. Buy Small, Get Big!