Sunday, 12 October 2008

Coquilles de mer

Here we are, almost half way through October and today I think one could be forgiven for thinking it was July. What a lovey day! Blue skys, very gentle breeze, glorious sunshine and ooh... just lovely and warm.
It is days like this that make you think of the seaside rather than pumpkins and, although I didn't even get close to the beach (unless you count 100 miles as being close) I do get a little taste of the beach with this lovely soap, Coquilles de mer by LCR Soap Company.

Think blue sea, blue sky, clear sandy beaches, seagulls and seaspray. A warm sunny day looking for seashells, the sand between your toes, the kiddies laughing, paddling and giggling. Ah yes... I AM there. Smell that sea air? You with me? Lol...

This beautiful soap was crafted by hand and I just love the delicate swirls of blues and that lovely sandy layer. The seashells just finish this off so perfectly. Just tell me though, how in the world could one bring oneself to use such a lovely work of art? You will find more works of art and some interesting entries on the LCR Soap Company blog (and hopefully, the website will be finished soon :o))


Lululiz said...

Awww, thank you so much for the wonderful comments! XXX

Helen said...

No, no, no.... Thank YOU!! I love this soapie. It has clearly been made with so much attention to detail and it really does give you a lovely seasidey feeling - warms the cockles, lol!!!