Saturday, 14 March 2009

New, Back In & Price Reductions

Just a quick update at what's going on in the Fresholi Shop... We now have those great lip balm cylinders and rice bran oil back in stock. In addition, we have some natural vitamin E back in but the great news is, we are able to offer this at a much lower price than previously. We have also added polysorbate 80 and we have a little something else coming very soon. Watch this space........

Many Products Now At Lower Prices!

With the credit crunch gripping many of us in locked jaws, we decided to have a close look at our pricing structure to see if we could help make things a bit easier on our customer's pockets. We are very pleased that we have managed to lower the price of some of our oils, butters & other ingredients, such as cetyl alcohol. We hope this will go some way to help our customers.


madpiano said...

Heya - I have received my first order from you. Thoroughly pleasant experience, thanks for the very fast and friendly service ! Everything was very well packed and I love the fact that you followed up the order with emails all along the way.

Helen said...

Oh that is so kind of you. I am so very pleased you were happy, it makes it all ever so worthwhile. It is a real pleasure, you are most very welcome :o) Thank you MP!!