Monday, 7 May 2012

New Recipe - Body On Body Cream

I had a little playtime yesterday and came up with a new receipe, that I have added to the Fresholi site.  This makes a lovely, rich and dense hand/body cream, with lots of body, hence the name.  Body On Body Cream is ideal for dry skins, although most skins will benefit from the rich texture.  It is easily absorbed and easy to make.

This formula a couple of ingredients that I am finding quite interesting at the moment.  Honey powder, exploring its humectant properties, and stearic acid.  I hadn’t had much experience with stearic previously but recently, the more I have been working with it, the more I am liking it and what it brings to the formulation.

Actually, I have focussing my attention on all sorts of exotic emulsifiers over the past few months, that I had been neglecting the simple, no-frills emulsifying powder.  I had forgotten how good it is.

Anyway, here's the recipe.......... Body On Body Cream

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