Friday, 25 September 2009

Very, very, very sorry :o(

Update! It all seems good now. Thank you to those who sent such kind words of support. I really am terribly sorry - It was just out of our control :o( Thank you all :o)

I am experiencing some difficulties at Fresholi. It seems the server has gone down and it has affected some major businesses, not just Fresholi.
This means that at this moment in time, there is no access to the site, the forum nor can I receive or send any emails. Frustrating beyond words. I know that The Melting Pot forum members will also feel rather frustrated at the moment and all I can do is apologise.

The problem is extremely widespread (and there will be many websites down right now - I have checked out the host's forum and boy, are there some majorly unhappy customers, myself included). Please accept my sincerest apologies.

Skype if you need to:

Skype Me™!

I am ever so sorry about this and hopefully we will be up and running really soon :o)


Celine Blacow said...

Oh Helen, I really hope this isn't have too horrible an effect on your business. Dreadful stuff and worrying no doubt. Don't worry, we'll all be here still and once you're sorted out, we'll come flooding back. Hugs in the meantime cos I'm sure it's frustrating. Take care, Celine

Anonymous said...

These things happen Helen and we all understand that they are completely out of your control - no apology required


Helen said...

Thank you Celine and Scott for your total support. I really do appreciate that ever so much. Thank you :o)

briallen said...

Al up and running from yesterday though!

Helen said...

Sure is EJ. Thanks for your support :o)