Friday, 11 September 2009

Soap For Breakfast & The Best Of British

How exciting!! SoapyChica gorgeous Royal Crown soap has been included in an article featuring a range of British products. Well deserved SoapyChica. Royal Crown is just one work of art out of a whole range of visually perfect, stunning soaps.

Also, one of the members on The Melting Pot forum, from Saltwell Soap have put up a wonderful video, Hot Process Soap - The Really Quick Way, that is brilliant to watch. It is cleverly filmed in quick time, so the video is short, sweet and really interesting to watch all the stages in quick succession. Oh please go and have a look if you get a moment, it is great!!

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SoapyChica said...

Oh! thankyou so much for your lovely comments-it was kind of exciting-I bought three copies of that paper(yes I splashed out)!!