Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Recipes / Tutorial

How are you all? I hope you are enjoying your summertime and getting lots of time in the fresh air. I just thought I would update the blog to give mention to a couple of new recipes and a tutorial that have been very kindly written and submitted to the main Fresholi site (in Community) by members of the Melting Pot Forum.

Gwen has taken the time to kindly write & share a very clear tutorial for creating cigar bands in photoshop. It has been incredibly useful to a number of people, so a huge thank you to Gwen.

Lissi, from Jenny Ellen kindly submitted a Basic Saddle Soap recipe, which she developed through lots of research into the needs of leathers etc... it has raised a lot interest. Thanks Lissi.

Finally, Suzanne from Scent Trail has been kind enough to share her recipe for a lush Foot Balm, that she was initially developing for something else but found it did wonders for dry feet. Thank you ever so for sharing that Suzanne :o)

You'll need to log in to the site to view the recipes but I am sure there will be some you will make really good use of them.

Wishing everyone a happy August!!


Jennifer Young said...

Hello, I have been able to pick up 2 out of the three recipe/tutorial links you post but the third, the Foot Balm recipe,I am not able. It takes me to the fresholi site and says that I am not authorized to see it? Any advice?

Helen said...

Hi Jennifer, yes sorry, the Foot Balm recipe is published to Author status. You can become an author member (here's how :o),660.0.html I hope that helps!!