Sunday, 28 March 2010

Future Primitve Video Tutorial

Wow! If you haven't seen it already and are in need of some inspiration or are simply curious to know how some interesting and utterly beautiful soaps are made, you must have a look at Tiggy's fantastic video tutorial.

Tiggy, from Future Primitive was recently featured on The Soap Bar blog. The tutorial is in two parts and is so simple, clear and very inspiring (although she makes it look much easier than I imagine it is, lol). It demonstrates how she creates her gorgeous Humbug soap which features a lovely circle right in the centre (pictured above). Visually stunning. Her video can also be found on her Future Primitive Blog.

Do go and have a peek at some of the other beautiful soaps when you visit - they are just lovely.

Future Primitive Soap


FuturePrimitive said...


thank you so much Helen. Oh, and of course I'm happy for you to post this!

Helen said...

Tiggy, the pleasure really is all mine, so thank YOU :o) x

Joanna said...

Isn't she wonderful?!?!?!?

Love her!

Thanks for pointing to my my blog as well.
-Joanna (the soap bar)

{tip my hat}

Helen said...

Yes she is :o))))))

And you are most welcome {tips hat back} lol

Soapchick said...

I totally love Tiggys soaps and this tutorial just sais it all, a great soapmaker with a really natural style. Very inspirational

Helen said...

I couldn't agree more ;o)

beth said...

i cant find this tutorial.
this soap is so beautiful....

Helen said...

It is isn't it :o) Sadly, I have just learnt that the tutorial is no longer available so we can gaze in awe at the wonderful result with a sense of mystrey (which in a funny way, adds to its beauty) :o)