Saturday, 13 June 2009

Launching Fresholistics!!

By Helen Williams MICHT MIFHB Cert. ED

After much planning, I am so very pleased to finally launch Fresholistics, which brings you a growing range of synergistically blended essential oils for use in finished products and therapeutic applications. These are not blended in a factory, nor are they standard blends. Instead, these blends are my own creations based on my years of experience as a practising beauty & complementary therapist and lecturer. Fresholistics offers a truly therapeutic approach to finished products.

Fresholistics Therapeutic Blends:

· Individually created by a qualified & experienced therapist
· Contain whole/complete, unadulterated, quality essential oils and nothing else
· No isolates, synthetics or preservatives
· Essential oils are selected for their therapeutic properties
· Adds label appeal to your finished products and can be further enhanced by including words to the effect of “blend created/developed by a qualified aromatherapist”
· Can be used in salon treatments
· Can be added to finished products such as soaps, creams, oils, bath & body products.

Complementary therapy is based on the ethos that the “whole” is central to all therapeutic applications. For this reason, no isolates or synthetics are used – only the complete, unadulterated oil is ever considered for inclusion in the blends.

Oils are chosen, first & foremost, for their therapeutic properties and are then blended to create a powerful synergy. I will also work closely with crafters and formulators in the creation of their own custom blends and product development. See Custom Blend/Development…

What you are buying when you purchase a Fresholistics Synergistic Blend…

As a responsible therapist who holds dear the values of my profession, I feel it important that all customers are provided with more than just a blend of oils. Therefore, I feel it necessary to deliver a service that goes that bit further to ensure customers know as much as possible about the therapeutic compound they have purchased. So when a customer purchases an oil blend or I work with them in developing a blend, I provide the following:

· 100% Quality, carefully sourced, unadulterated, pure essential oil synergistic blends
· Allergen declarations & MSDS
· A data sheet that provides simple but detailed and useful information about each blend
· For ease of labelling, the key therapeutic properties, cautions & warnings

Fresholistics Custom Blending/Aromatherapy Product Development:

· Blended to meet individual product requirements
· Have your oils pre-blended to your own specification (to save you both time and the need to purchase individual oils)

I am very happy to create blends to meet individual needs. If you would like to have a blend created to meet your specific product aims or have a blend made to your own specifications, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Lululiz said...

Oh Helen, that sounds just wonderful, congratulations and huuuuuuuuuge hug! So thats what all the secrecy has been about for the last few months.

Lomond Soap said...

Ah Ha! That's wot you've been up to! You know you will already have a customer in me :D Funny, I never guessed this, seeing as I asked you to do it a while back.
What a great service H, I'm sure it'll do well.

Helen said...

Ah... bless you two. I am really very happy to finally launch this. It gives me such a great opportunity to do much more of what I love most and that excites me most. I have plans for more to be added but I am starting with just the four and of course it will be wonderful (and indeed an honour) to be able to offer some help to others for their own projects. Thank you both :o) x

Daisy Soap Girl said...

congrats. on your new venture and your creativity. I have awarded you with the Kreative Blogger Award. Please stop by to pick it up.

Hippy at Heart said...

That sounds like a winning idea Helen. I am sure you will do well with this service. Huge hug.

Helen said...

aw... thanks Joy. Huge hug back :o) x

Helen said...

Thank you so much Daisy Soap Girl. I feel very honoured. Thank you :o)