Monday, 2 March 2009

From Orangs To Red Noses

Sarah from The Natual Soapworks passed on a little bit of news about the support NSW has been giving to some very worthy causes. I will let Sarah explain...

Borneo Orangutan Survival UK

In 2008, The Natural Soapworks took the decision to only source organic palm oil from a sustainable source in Columbia, to make our soaps. So what's the significance of it being from a sustainable source, you may wonder? The problem with palm oil sourced from the Far East, is that it tends to be grown on palm plantations which have been planted after the rain forest has been cut down and burnt. This is causing catastrophic damage to the environment, and as the forests are destroyed it means that the local animals die too.

Palm oil is found in many products on our supermarket shelves (e.g. crisps, cakes, chocolate, biscuits, cosmetics, detergents, soaps etc), with more problems on the horizon due to the interest in bio fuels. Unless action is taken, more and more habitat will be destroyed and ultimately this could lead to the extinction of many animal species. When we discovered that even in a small way we were contributing to such destruction, we decided to act quickly to find some palm oil that is grown in a responsible and sustainable way, that doesn't endanger the environment. It’s more expensive, but we think it’s the right thing to do.

One of the worst things that we discovered about palm oil, was the impact it is having on the orangutan populations in Sumatra and Borneo. There is a serious risk that one of our closest cousins will be wiped out within 10 years. Since we were very concerned about this, we contacted Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS UK) and they confirmed that our soap is "orangutan friendly". This very worthwhile charity works to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned orangutans in Borneo, whose mother's are killed as the rainforest is cleared. BOS's work, led by Lone Droscher Nielsen, is featured in the Orangutan Diary screened by the BBC in 2007, and now back for a second series on BBC2 each Sunday evening. We wanted to help this fabulous charity so we have adopted 2 orphaned orangutans, and fund raise to support BOS by attending events and selling our ‘Orang’ soap.

Orang - £3.25 per bar with £1 being donated to BOS UK

This is a lovely zesty bar of luxurious goat’s milk soap that’s full of citrus essential oils. We created Orang, to support the fantastic work carried out by BOS UK to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned orangutans in Borneo. Specially wrapped with orange hairy string and a BOS tag, we guarantee that £1 from the sale of each bar will be donated to this charity.

NEW! Orang bath bomb - £1.25 with 50p from each bath bomb being donated to BOS UK

To mark the beginning of Orangutan Diary 2, we’re very pleased to launch a new Orang product. This bath bomb contains a lovely blend of citrus essential oils in a pure white bath bomb, that’s wrapped in orange tissue paper. Specially wrapped with a BOS tag, we guarantee that 50p from the sale of each bath bomb will be donated to this charity.

Red Nose Day – 13th March 2009

We’re delighted to announce that The Natural Soapworks has been given permission by Comic Relief, to sell some new bath bombs and mini soaps in support of Red Nose Day. We have also applied for a license to operate a street collection in aid of Comic Relief at our business premises, the Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge, which will temporarily be renamed as the Red Nose Glass Cone! There will be a tombola and Red Nose Day themed children’s activities running between 13th-15th March, to coincide with a Mother’s Day Craft Market on the site.

Red Nose Day Bath Bomb - £1.25 with 50p from each bath bomb being donated to Comic Relief

Special Edition Red Nose Bath Bomb, to celebrate Comic Relief 2009. We guarantee that 50p from the sale of each bath bomb will be donated to Comic Relief. This is a white 70g bath bomb wrapped in red tissue paper, fragranced with essential oils.

Red Nose Day Mini Soap - £1.00 with 50p from each mini soap being donated to Comic Relief

Special Edition Red Nose Day Soap, this is a pretty bar, coloured with red clay and rooibos tea, fragranced with lavender, rosewood, spearmint and geranium essential oils. We guarantee that 50p from the sale of this soap will be donated to Comic Relief. This is a 30g mini soap bar.


BOSUK said...

BOS UK is most appreciative of the support of Sarah and Natural Soap Works. The Orangutan and their rainforest home needs more businesses like this being proactive in their stance of sourcing sustainable products. It is not easy, particularly in today's uncertain fanancial times, but Sarah is demonstrating that if we believe in a cause strongly enough, each of us can make a difference.

Helen said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I make sure that the palm I offer is both organic and sourced from Columbia. Sarah and many other busnisses like hers, such as Lomond Soap in Scotland, are doing so much in support of BOS UK. Good for them I say